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We’re on the lookout for great talent. Magicians, codebreakers, thinkers, Disruptors. We’re looking for smart humans that want to get things done and dazzle our clients.

How to apply to be a part of the PCC family? No pressure 🙂

No, really, relax. The format of your application doesn’t matter because content is king.


From PCCs perspective, we want to get a summary of who you are, what you know and what you can do. We want to know how you can contribute to our company. This last part is usually the one that’s missing. People mostly write about what they would like to learn and achieve (which is important, but it also takes two to tango).

That's Different

The “how I can contribute to this company” part requires some research – what does this company do? How big are they? What projects did they work on and are working on right now? What do you think they’re doing great and what are their weaknesses?

I Can definitely do that

Think about the overlapping areas of what you want and what we need. Tell us how you’ll improve our company when you become a part of our team. Make it concise. One or two pages maximum. If we must read between the lines for ten pages, then we might not be a natural fit . Conciseness is also great practice for prioritization.

Promise it's worth it

Sure, this approach takes a bit more time and there is no template you can send to hundreds of different companies. We advise you to use a targeted version instead of your standard one. We want to see all that’s unique about you. We Don’t to go through the same process again in a few months or a

Why Choose Us

What we have to offer ?

Here we go: flexible hours, flexible location a day rate or fixed rate contract that defines itself based on what you bring to the table extra off-days for the virtuous few opportunity to develop digital products after-work social activities (optional if you’re an introvert, that’s fine too) This list could have been three times longer

A lot

. Flexible working in a company many people would like to work at.

Leading Change WorkShop

Empowered Team

An opportunity to grow and shape your future Or at least as high as your skills and “I want more” take you.

Business Change professional

Brilliant Minds

A team of people like you’ve never seen before. It’s amazing to be part of PCC. But there is a list of things we do promise and we think it’s enticing.

Watch out for Kazs 4 Hounds

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So if you want to make a difference

Send us your CV or if you are interested I becoming a partner, send us a cover note and a link to your website.