How change mature is your organisation?

The current business climate no longer affords organisations long preparation times, nor does it provide periods of stability for review and improvement.
Change is continuous and organisations need to be equipped to deliver.

By assessing your organisation’s Change Capability, you can have the benefit of:

Awareness of your organisation’s current internal risks to successfully implementing change.
Understanding where to invest, in order to make your organisation more change capable.
The many flow-on business benefits of change capability, including being able to implement initiatives faster, cheaper, and more successfully with less disruption. This can mean a greater return on investment for each initiative, as well as more opportunities to get ahead of competitors.

What's involved?

Our Change Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive insight into your organisation to respond and adapt to strategic changes.

The assessment is based on our evidence-based model, which was developed using data from over 50 organisations and 2000 participants to assist organisations to reliably assess and develop their change capability.

The assessment needs to be completed by those people in your organisation who have sufficient exposure to the way your organisation currently manages change.

For the average organisation, this typically includes the Executive team and their direct reports, project and change teams, and key stakeholders involved in current organisational change such as HR and IT leaders.

Our Approach

‘Simply to put people at the heart of change’ by empowering organisations to increase the likelihood of success transformation.

change maturity

ASSESS your organisation’s current level of Change Capability using our Change Maturity Assessment.

AGREE where your efforts would best be focused on and the level of maturity that needs to be achieved

Develop a PLAN to build the change maturity required in order to successfully deliver your strategic initiatives.

Support your organisation to CREATE and DELIVER the required level of maturity to deliver your strategic objectives

What does your organisation receive?

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